Monday, June 8, 2015

Ordinance Day

I know it's been quite awhile since I have posted here, but I need a place to share the wonderful day we had on Saturday, June 6, 2015. 

We had the opportunity to see my youngest niece Cambree be baptized. A fun thing about it is I was baptized in that same dress almost 40 years ago. I was the first to use it as my baptism dress and she was the last. There have been 19 girls use that dress to be baptized or confirmed in. All of my sisters and my nieces and my own daughters have used THE BAPTISM dress that my mom made for me 40 years ago.

Later that same day I had the priviledge to be the escort for Cammie as she received her endowment in the Provo temple. Oh course her dad Kevin was there. Both sets of grandparents were there as well as her Aunts Janice, Frances and Sarah. Also her uncle Glen and many of her friends attended. A fun thing was her roommate Erin and her new husband Chase were able to be the witness couple. Our good friends Lori and Nathan Criman were also able to come. What an amazing experience. 

I had a little aha moment when the matron was giving instruction to the 3 girls who had just received the inititory ordinance. The prophecy that we can not be made perfect without the dead, nor can they be made perfect without us. I always understood that they needed us to do their ordinances for them, and I always thought that they saved us by letting us serve them, but I realized as the matron spoke that the reason we need them is that we wouldn't be able to go back and have that temple experience again if we didn't go for them. The way we learn about the temple ordinances and covenants is by going for the dead, so by serving them we are serving ourselves as we continually learn as we attend the temple. We are made perfect as we serve them as they become perfect. God's plan is so simple, yet so effective. 

I have also spent much time relistening to and rereading the conference talks and the one that has really settled into my soul at this time is Elder Andersen's talk about the Music of the Gospel. I feel so grateful that at this time all of my children hear the music of the gospel in their lives and are performing the gospel dance. I know that this is what has brought me joy and happiness and I am so happy to see that same joy and happiness in the lives of all four of my amazing and wonderful children. I hope to see the music of the gospel shared in their homes with my grandchildren and with the people they will have the opportunity to serve in the church. Life can be hard sometimes. The dance steps of the church can be hard sometimes, but it makes it so much more enjoyable to perform those steps as we hear the music of the gospel, nice and loud. 

I am entering a new stage of my life. I have been offered a job at the district as an instructional coach and I will be a grandma for the first time in September. I hope to share the music of the gospel with the new people I will work with and especially with my posterity. I hope they will always remember grandma RaeAnn loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and danced the dance all the days of her life. I hope they will come to hear the music because I have it turned up REALLY loud in my own life and they want to have the music for themselves. 

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